How to explain words in English

Do you have to explain a word in English, for example, for your final exams? If you need a little help you will find it here:

What do you have to explain?

Is it a(n) …

  1. noun or thing (like „billycan“)?
    1. Say „A … is something that …
    2. Example: „A billycan is the Australian word for a metal pot for cooking.
  2. person or a job (like a „swagman“)?
    1. Say „A … is somebody/someone that …
    2. Example: „A swagman is (the Australian word for) someone that has no home and wanders around.“
  3. place / landmark / sight (like a „billabong“)?
    1. Say: „A/The … is a place where …“
    2. Example: „A billabong is (the Australian word for) a place with a small lake.“
  4. adjective (like „jolly“)?
    1. Say: „When something / somebody is …, he is …“
    2. Example: „When somebody is jolly, he is full of fun and joy.
  5. verb (like „to sing“)?
    1. Say: „When somebody …, he …“
    2. Example: „When somebody sings, he makes music with his voice.“


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